Installation and Operation

How long does it take to set up the Ripple Maker?

Installation takes about 15 minutes minutes and includes choosing an optimal location to position your Ripple Maker, connecting to the electricity & internet, installing the Ripples pod and printing a test design. Look here for the unboxing video

What are the set-up requirements?

You’ll need a standard electrical outlet, a good WiFi connection or Ethernet cable, and a sturdy countertop located next to where you prepare or serve your drinks

How long does it take to print? Will it slow down my workflow?

From the moment a design is selected, it takes about 10 seconds to print on a drink. Your barista or bartender do not need to operate the Ripple Maker device while it prints, so the process fits seamlessly into their workflow.


What can I print on?

Any beverage that has a stable top layer of foam makes a good canvas for printing Ripples – from lattes and cappuccinos, to milkshakes, beer, cocktails, and chai or matcha teas. You can also print on food  – see our “Recipe for Inspiration” book that you’ve received with your new Ripple Maker. If you don’t have this book – you can order it online in our store

How do I prepare my drinks before I top them off with Ripples?

The perfect “canvas” for Ripples is smooth foam with no visible bubbles, light in color, and filled to the rim of the glass or cup. Look at this video how to make the perfect foam from milk or beer