Service plans

Why do I need a service plan?

Similar to purchasing a cellular phone with a service plan, your Ripple Maker requires an active plan which includes content designs, access to Ripples design library, Ripples WebApp tool, customer support.

First year includes warranty coverage for the Ripple Maker.

What are the available Service contracts?

  • Ripples offers 3 types of service contracts  – Basic, Enhanced and Enterprise.
  • Each contract type has different capabilities in terms of the Content Design management, WebApp customization, reports & support hours.
  • See the table here for details

My service plan has expired but I still have pods. Can I still work with the Ripple Maker?

Yes, you can still order pods and use the Ripple Maker in a limited way. You’ll lose access to these great features:

  • Ripples library (1500+ designs)
  • The customizable web app — all selfies will have @drinkripples watermark
  • One-on-one tech support, insights, and software upgrades
  • Warranty replacement

What to do if my service plan is expired?

Go to “My Account”, click “My Assets” tab  – here you can see the service plan status for each Ripple Maker you’ve purchased and can renew with a click of a button

Does the Ripple Maker come with a warranty?

Yes. The Ripple Maker includes Warranty for the 1st year. If your Ripple Maker breaks and we are unable to help you fix it via remote customer support, we will ask you to send your unit to us for replacement or repair. In the meantime, we will ship you a new or refurbished unit. The warranty is subject to Terms and Conditions and may be voided for failing to meet basic maintenance requirements or if machine repair has been performed by a third party.

Can I purchase a Warranty for the 2nd year and on ?

You can purchase a warranty under 2 conditions:

1) You have an active service plan ;

2) The current warranty is still active

What can I do when the Ripple Maker is not working?

You can either use our online help center at  for self troubleshooting or contact our support agents (email, phone, chat, whatsapp, text etc) – click here