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Henna Art #2

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Extended package – 10 designs

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About the Artist and Content Manager

Shaked Kimhi

Shaked Kimhi has been with Ripples for four-and-a-half years, based at company headquarters outside of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Shaked develops the themes and drink design series Ripples is known for, surprising and delighting customers worldwide with curated content each month.

1. How do you decide what design collections to create? What’s your process?

The first thing I look at when planning Ripples content is the holidays, special events, and seasons for all of the countries we work in around the world. These designs are always incredibly popular with our customers because it’s an easy and beautiful way to enhance the holiday marketing and engagement campaigns they’re already planning for their own customers. It allows us to plan each month in advance and ensure that we have a diverse collection of designs.

All of this preplanning lets us keep room in our design schedule to create up-to-the-minute additions related to whatever goes viral and starts trending – in Fall 2021 we created Squid Game designs.

2. What are the most popular designs?
Animals and flowers are always printed the most.

3. What is your favorite Ripples design?
It’s almost impossible to choose! But (at least today) I would have to say it’s between the waving panda and Borat.

4. Have you ever created a Ripples design series yourself?

I have a design background and I’m a henna artist, so while most of my work with Ripples is centered around the design strategy and analysis I developed a henna series earlier this summer.

I initially drew all the designs by hand. I then scanned them and made edits in photoshop to get them Ripples ready.

5. What advice do you have for people designing their own Ripples prints?

The best thing to remember when designing a ripples print is simply that the design will end up on a drink — it should be easy to understand and high contrast with a striking visual. The first reaction when you serve the drink should be “wow”.

Curate your own collection – choose from nearly 2,000 designs!

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Transform your beverages into a canvas of cultural beauty with “Henna Art 2” for the Ripple Maker. This exquisite collection features intricate henna-inspired designs, known for their complex patterns and stunning detail. Perfect for adding an artistic and unique touch to coffee, lattes, and other foam-topped drinks, these designs are sure to captivate and impress your customers. Ideal for cafes, restaurants, and events looking to offer a special and memorable drinking experience.


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