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Travel Case (Trolley)

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Dress up your drinks on the go
The travel case on wheels for your Ripple Maker machine includes everything you need for easy and secure transportation.


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Product Information & Warranty

503 X 634 X 312 mm/
19.8 X 24.9 X 12.3 in

Trolley weight:

10 kg / 22 lbs (without Ripple Maker inside) /
20.5 kg / 45.2 lbs (with Ripple Maker inside)

*First, if you have a need to consider refunds and returns, you likely ordered a product from us. Which means we owe you a “Thank you!”. Nothing makes us happier than a legion of happy Ripples customers, and as such we promise to do our best to deliver an amazing product and customer experience and rest assured, to make right any hiccups along the way.

*That said, here are some things you might want to know:

*Prior to your Ripple Maker delivery:

*You can cancel the order at any time and get a full refund

*Once the Ripple Maker arrives:

*You can return your Ripple Maker in the original box and get a refund within 30 days after the arrival.

*Please make sure that your machine is in its original condition and packaging, and include all relevant invoices in your return

*The refund will be done only if the Ripple Maker is not physically damaged

*You need to cover the cost of the Ripple Maker return shipment to the Ripples regional warehouse

*The refund will be processed only after the equipment has been returned to Ripples warehouse; it is highly recommended to ship with a tracking number for monitoring purposes.

*The refund includes the cost for the returned equipment (including the shipment cost of this equipment to you)

*The refund includes only unopened Pods in their original boxes; used Pods will not be refunded

*To start a return and refund process – please contact support@drinkripples.com

2-Day Express Shipping
30-Day Easy Return
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